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We are proud to dedicate the ninth edition of Braunwald's Heart Disease to its founder, Eugene Braunwald, MD. The first edition of this work, published 30 years ago, established a standard of excellence that is rarely, if ever, achieved in publishing. Dr. Braunwald personally wrote half of the book and expertly edited the rest. He did the same for the next four editions, taking a 6-month sabbatical every 4 to 5 years to accomplish that. For the sixth edition, published in 2001, he invited two of us (PL, DPZ) to share the experience with him, increasing the editors by one (ROB) for the seventh edition. A new editor (DLM) joined for the eighth edition, and Dr. Braunwald no longer directly participated in the day-to-day editing of the print text, while still contributing some of the key chapters. However, he kept his finger on the pulse of the text and for that edition began twice-weekly electronic updates. Incorporating the most recent research, reviews, and opinions into the electronic text has continued through this ninth edition, making Braunwald's Heart Disease truly a living work and setting it apart from other texts. Dr. Braunwald, through his research, teaching, and mentorship, has shaped much of contemporary cardiovascular medicine, and it is with gratitude and admiration that we dedicate this edition of his work to him.

Robert O. Bonow

Douglas L. Mann

Douglas P. Zipes

Peter Libby