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Contact Stomatitis

      Oral mucosal cinnamon reaction
      Lichenoid amalgam reaction
      Contact lichenoid reaction

Key features

      Cinnamon flavoring and dental amalgam (silver filling material) may cause lichenoid changes of the oral mucosa
      Red, white, or mixed lesions are seen, with varying degrees of erosion, ulceration or stria formation
      Lesions may be located where the offending agent contacts the mucosa for a prolonged time
      Removal of the offending agent should be curative


Numerous foods, artificial flavorings, food additives, and materials used in dentistry have been implicated as etiologic agents of allergic or irritant contact stomatitis (Table 71.4). Two of these, namely cinnamon flavoring (found in many foods, gums, candies and dentifrices) and amalgam (used in metallic dental fillings), may lead to unique clinicopathologic features.

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The frequency of true allergic reactions due to contact with antigenic substances is probably …