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These are five main steps of the biostatistical process:
  1.    Define the purpose of the study. Carefully consider study questions, and identify variables that can reliably be obtained to answer these questions. Write a study proposal that clearly describes the study design, variables to be collected, justification for the study size, and an analysis plan.
  2.    Obtain good data. Good data are compiled from well-defined underlying variables. Carefully collect the data. Enter it into a spreadsheet or database, and check it for obvious errors. After you are confident the data are correct, begin the analysis.
  3.    Describe the data. Use standard descriptive statistics or graphs to summarize the data. For a single group study summarize data for all study subjects. For a study with multiple groups, summarize the data by group.
  4.    Analyze the data. Analyze the data as described in the statistical analysis plan of your study protocol.
  5.    Report results.Provide sufficient …