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    Key Features

  • Covers every aspect of Tropical Medicine in detail, not just infections.
  • Takes both a system-based and a disease approach, with extensive cross-referencing to minimize duplication.
  • Includes a strong clinical focus, emphasized by clinical management diagrams.
  • Features leading experts in the field, with contributions from clinicians who are based full-time in the tropics.

    Website Features

  • Consult the book from any computer at home, in your office, or at any practice location.
  • Instantly locate the answers to your clinical questions via a simple search query.
  • Quickly find out more about any bibliographical citation by linking to its MEDLINE abstract.

Getting started

To start browsing, use the table of contents on the left. Click + to expand the contents of a section or chapter. Clicking the chapter or section title itself will take you to that section. Alternatively, search the book using the search function above, or look up a term in the complete index.

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