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PART I – Principles of Endocrinology and Hormone Signaling

Chapter 1 – Endocrinology  :  Impact on Science and Medicine

J. Larry Jameson

  Definition and Scope of Endocrinology
  Historical Perspectives
  Principles of Hormone Action
  Hormone Biosynthesis and Secretion
  Feedback Regulation
  Paracrine and Autocrine Regulation
  Hormonal Rhythms and Pulsatility
  Hormone Transport and Degradation

  Hormone Action Through Receptors
  Membrane Receptors
  Nuclear Receptors

  Role of the Clinical Endocrinologist
  Major Unsolved Problems
Definition and Scope of Endocrinology

The term endocrine was coined by Starling to contrast the actions of hormones secreted internally (endocrine) with those secreted externally (exocrine) or into a lumen, such as the gastrointestinal tract.[1] This terminology continues today but makes the specialty somewhat opaque to the general public, who are more familiar with the term hormone and with particular disorders of the endocrine system. The term hormone is derived from the Greek verb hormao, which means “to …