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Chapter 19 – Pituitary Surgery

Paolo Cappabianca,
Luigi M. Cavallo,
Oreste de Divitiis,
Felice Esposito

  Historical Background
  Surgical Anatomy
  Transsphenoidal Approaches
  Transcranial Approaches


Pituitary surgery is a distinct subspecialty of neurosurgery that demands precise knowledge of basic neurosurgical techniques and associated skills, together with specific knowledge, interest, and appreciation of pituitary pathophysiology, allowing the surgeon to make the right choice at the right moment. It is currently possible to manage many of the different pituitary syndromes with more than one option, including medical, surgical, and radiotherapeutic, alone or in various combinations. Pituitary surgery yields the best outcomes when performed in centers where the entire range of pituitary specialties is offered in an environment of effective teamwork. Such teamwork demands a “teamwork attitude,” which is not just the addition of the expertise of the single contributors, but …