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Section 4 – Related Specialities in the Tropics

Chapter 23 – Paediatrics in the Tropics

Bernard J. Brabin,
Stephen Owens,
James E.G. Bunn

More than 10 million children younger than 5 years die every year and most deaths are due to preventable diseases: diarrhoea, pneumonia, measles, and vaccine preventable diseases.[1] Every day, it is estimated 28 000 children die before they reach their fifth birthday. Out of 60 developing countries, which account for 94% of child deaths, 20 have made no progress in reducing deaths among children aged under 5 years. The highest mortality rates are in Africa and South Asia (Table 23.1). Currently available interventions could prevent two-thirds of these deaths and eliminating healthcare coverage inequities is essential to reduce this high mortality. To address this situation, five strategies should be prioritized as recommended by Save the Children Fund.[2]
  1.    Ensure the well-being of mothers.
  2.    Invest in basic low cost solutions (breast-feeding, immunization and rehydration …