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Appendix V : Sources of Information in Tropical Medicine

Dirk Schoonbaert,
Alice E. Eyers,
John E. Eyers


The literature of tropical medicine, like all clinical specialties, tends to be distributed throughout medical literature,[1,2] and reliance on the specialist tropical medicine literature alone will not usually be sufficient to cover adequately the total literature. It is important therefore that any search of the literature needs to encompass both the general and specialist sources. This brief guide to the information sources of tropical medicine will limit itself to the main focus of this book, i.e. the clinical, diagnostic and control aspects of tropical medicine.

Any systematic search of the literature must use a variety of different sources, including journals, books, databases and websites. Many traditional print resources, such as journals, indexes and increasingly also books, are now available online and those listed below include only a selection of the most important sources. …