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Chapter 26 – Trends in Radiology and Imaging Services in the Tropics

Eli Tumba Tshibwabwa,
Michael G. Kawooya,
Zeridah Muyinda

Radiology is increasingly central to the investigation and treatment of patients in the developed world. The benefits that drive this shift in practice should be available to patients, and to planners of healthcare, in the tropics. Indeed, ironically, the benefits of minimally invasive therapy, as offered by interventional radiology, may be greater in the tropics where alternative treatments (long-term drug therapy, complex open surgery and so on) may not be available, or be prohibitively expensive.

While we should strive to place modern and dependable imaging ever more at the centre of provision of healthcare in the tropics, many practical considerations have to be tackled before this paradigm can be realized. In particular, we cannot simply translate from the model of radiology services in the developed world to the tropics. There are profound differences in the disease …