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Preface to the Twenty-Second Edition

When Sir Patrick Manson GCMG, FRS (1844–1922) wrote his great text subtitled ‘A manual of the diseases of warm climates’ in 1898, he could not have envisaged that a century and more later the work was to be in ever greater use by medical practitioners throughout the world. The textbook has in fact evolved and expanded to cover all of the diseases associated with tropical exposure, and not merely those about which something was known in the late nineteenth century, and about which the average medical practitioner in England and other temperate lands knew little.

The twenty-second edition of Manson's Tropical Diseases has in the main followed a pattern laid down in the twentieth edition (1996). The chapter headings are similar to those in the twenty-first edition, with the exception that, in order to keep the book to reasonable dimensions we have excluded the chapter on ‘High Altitude problems'. The majority of the contributors to that edition have accepted our invitation to write again and update their chapters; however there are several new authors who share their experience and wisdom. We offer them a warm welcome and sincere thanks for their valuable input. There is a vast array of international talent included in this essentially British textbook which ranks as one of the oldest clinical treatises in the medical literature.

It is also our sad duty to record the sudden and tragic death of Professor CA Hart, one of our most prolific contributors, during the preparation of the present edition. We are indebted to Luis Cuevas for a tribute to Tony Hart, Professor of Microbiology at Liverpool University, who died in September 2007 aged 58 years.

We would again like to thank our Publishers for making our task relatively straightforward, especially our development editor Louise Cook, who has ‘held the fort’ throughout the publication of this edition. Finally we thank our respective wives Jane and Farzana for their continuing forbearance while we devoted countless hours to editorial tasks associated with this edition.

We trust that physicians, medical officers, postgraduate tropical medical students, infectious diseases physicians, parasitologists and other health personnel throughout the world will continue to delve into and benefit from what has rightly become widely known as the ‘Bible’ of tropical medicine. We commend the latest edition of this venerable work to all medical and paramedical health personnel throughout the world.

Gordon C Cook

Alimuddin I Zumla