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Preface to the First Edition

A manual on the diseases of warm climates, of handy size, and yet giving adequate information, has long been a want; for the exigencies of travel and tropical life are, as a rule, incompatible with big volumes and large libraries. This is the reason for the present work.

While it is hoped that the book may prove of practical service, it makes no pretension to being anything more than an introduction to the important department of medicine of which it treats; in no sense is it put forward as a complete treatise, or as being in this respect comparable to the more elaborate works by Davidson, Schebe, Rho, Laveran, Corre, Roux, and other systematic writers in the same field. The author avails himself of this opportunity to acknowledge the valuable assistance he has received, in revising the text, from Dr. L. Westerna Sambon and Mr David Rees, MRCP LRCP lately Senior House Surgeon, Seamen's Hospital, Albert Docks, London. He would also acknowledge his great obligation to Mr Richard Muir, Pathological Laboratory, Edinburgh University, for his care and skill in preparing the illustrations.

Patrick Manson
April 1898