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SECTION 10 – Uveitis

Chapter 79 – Immunologic mechanisms of uveitis

Steven Yeh,
Zhuqing Li,
Robert B Nussenblatt


A deeper appreciation of the pathogenic mechanisms underlying uveitis, or intraocular inflammation involving the uveal tract (i.e., iris, ciliary body, choroid), has contributed to our abilities to treat these potentially vision-threatening conditions. The spectrum of uveitis ranges from acute, self-limited episodes of anterior uveitis to severe, progressive panuveitis syndromes, which may lead to blindness if not properly managed with immunosuppressive treatment regimens.

This chapter highlights our current knowledge regarding the pathogenic immune mechanisms underlying uveitic conditions. Topics discussed include pathologic features and etiologies of common clinical uveitic conditions, animal models of uveitis, the contribution of immunogenetics to uveitis, the cellular immune response described in patients with uveitic disease, and soluble mediators of inflammation (i.e., …