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Mdct In Management Of Acute Stroke

Acute stroke is a clinical syndrome. Approximately 15% of acute strokes are hemorrhagic; the remaining 85% are ischemic. A tally of acute stroke presentations at our institution from 1999 to 2005 revealed that approximately 30% of ischemic strokes were cardioembolic, 30% from large vessels, 20% from small vessels/lacunar, and 20% from other or unknown etiologies. The majority of hemorrhagic strokes were primarily hypertensive. The overall mortality was close to 15%, with no mortality attributable to lacunar infarcts.

CT scanning plays a pivotal role in the management of acute stroke and is the first-line imaging modality when a patient suspected of having acute stroke arrives in the emergency department. A combination of noncontrast CT and CTA provides a quick and noninvasive method for ruling out hemorrhage, detecting regional ischemia, and demonstrating the site of vascular occlusion. In addition, CT perfusion imaging, currently a subject of intense …