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CHAPTER 2 – Paraspinal Soft Tissues

Carrie L. Tong

The paraspinal soft tissues consist predominantly of musculature. The area may be defined as the paraspinal muscles, the fascia that envelops them, and the vessels, lymphatics, and nerves that traverse and supply them. In the neck, this includes the anterior and lateral vertebral muscles as well as the posterior cervical musculature. In the trunk and back, the paraspinal muscles include the superficial scapular muscles and latissimus dorsi as well as the vertebral column extensors medially and the iliopsoas anterolaterally.



The Dorsal Muscles

The dorsal paraspinal muscles may be divided into the superficial group, which help move the shoulder girdle; the deep group, which extend and rotate the vertebral column; and the suboccipital group, which move the head.

Superficial Group

The most superficial of the paraspinal muscles of the neck is the trapeziusmuscle, which originates posteriorly from …