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Did patients experience difficulties performing activities before four-corner wrist fusion?

Forty percent of the patients (n = 10) reported difficulty performing activities before undergoing four-corner wrist fusion. The most frequently reported difficult activities included undoing a screw-top jar lid, turning on a faucet, lifting a saucepan of food, and taking weight through the wrist[55,56] (Table 36-4). This finding is not surprising, given the extent of damage that necessitates a four-corner wrist fusion.[56] Moreover, activities that are problematic tend to be those that require significant forces to be transmitted through the wrist.

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These findings have implications for postsurgical rehabilitation. First, it may be unrealistic to expect patients to recover full function after wrist fusion, and the activities that were problematic before surgery may continue to be so after surgery.[56]Therefore, this expectation should be communicated to …