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Normal Laryngeal Histology

The larynx is a mucosa-covered collection of intricately related cartilages, ligaments, and muscle. The seven cartilages are the epiglottis (elastic type), thyroid (hyaline type), cricoid (hyaline type), arytenoid (hyaline type), corniculate (elastic type), cuneiform (elastic type), and triticeous (hyaline type). The last four are arranged in matching pairs. The supraglottis and true vocal cords are covered by nonkeratinizing stratified squamous epithelium; the false vocal cords, ventricle, and subglottis are covered by a pseudostratified ciliated respiratory epithelium. There is a transitional-type epithelium between the true and false cords. Seromucous glands are found in the lower epiglottis and ventricular connective tissue. There is a widely arborizing vascular and lymphatic network within the larynx, although the free surfaces of the cords are free of this investment.