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Lens opacities classification system

A purposely degraded image of the set of LOCS III standards is reproduced in Figure 2-5. This figure is to be used only to understand the general format of the LOCS III standards. The images in Figure 2-5 should not be used for grading cataracts in patients because theimage quality has been purposely degraded.[40] Non-degraded LOCS III standard images are available from the author. In the LOCS III system, the grader, working at the slit-lamp microscope with a set of standards on a nearby light box, estimates separately the extent of cortical and subcapsular cataract, the intensity of light scattering in the nucleus, and the color of the nucleus. Grades are in decimal form; for example, a cortical cataract, the severity of which is judged to be intermediate between cortical standards 2 and 3, would be graded 2.5. Similar grades could be generated for different degrees of nuclear opalescence and nuclear color. The LOCS II and III systems have been validated[…]