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Palmoplantar warts are found on the palm of the hand or sole of the foot, and are of clinical importance because they are often painful. They usually occur beneath pressure points, where they may be confused with callosities. They are preferentially associated with HPV-1 or HPV-4 infection,[464] although other subtypes, including HPV-45, 57, 60, 63, 65, and 66, have recently been incriminated (see below).[525] Warts on the palms and soles have traditionally been divided into superficial (mosaic) warts, which are ordinary verrucae, and a deep variety (myrmecia – so named for its supposed resemblance to an anthill). Several other variants[469] have recently been described:
  1.    A nodular form with retention of the surface ridge pattern (‘ridged wart’) associated with HPV-60;[526] this HPV type has also been associated with epidermal cysts on the soles,[527] as has HPV-57.[466] HPV-60-induced warts are often pigmented.[528,529]
  2.    A pigmented verrucous variant associated with HPV-65.
  3.    A …